Music Production

Create your Musical  Work of Art!

Whether you are working on a single, EP, full album, or a film score, we will guide you through the processing and help you create a commercially competitive final product that you are confident to share with the world!


For our production services, we come along side of you and help with virtually anything related to your project. From initial ideas to arrangement and structure, we will help tailor your song to your personality and style.

Our specific services are listed below. Be sure to mention what services you are looking for when you request a quote! We work only on select projects in order to devout maximum energy to creating a unique production, perfectly fitting your style and taste.

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Full Production

Turn your ideas into a fully produced radio ready song. Package includes a custom instrumental, recording, mixing and mastering.

Custom Instrumental

Instrumentation is crucial in creating a sonic balance in any song and its production needs to be carefully planned and executed to match every artist.


In today's multi-genre music industry, it is often necessary to have remixes that reach new audiences and help you dip into another music market.

Live Instrumentation

Adding some real, live instrumentation into any genre can often give your song an energy that elevates it above the rest in its class.