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Capture Your Sound

Capturing a high-quality, true-to-artist sound is the goal of any recording session. This requires the combination of a great performance, the correct use of high-end equipment and proper recording techniques. As the audio engineers of your project, we will ensure that both the artist is comfortable and able to perform at their highest level, and that equipment is functioning properly.

No matter what the project is - a full band recording, single artist vocal recording, voice over, ADR, or foley - attention to detail combined with a good performance and great equipment will make the difference between a bedroom quality recording and a radio ready record.

Studio Selection

Fresh Record Studios has its own treated studio space perfect for vocal recording, overdubbing, voiceover, and ADR. For more expansive recording projects, we will select a local studio that will suit your projects needs in order to record, drums, a full band or whatever your project requires. 


Selecting an appropriate space to accommodate your project is an important part of crafting orienting your project to your sound and artistic touch. Fresh Record Studios has experience with a variety of studios and we are trained to keep your project's goal in mind when selecting a studio space. Let us help you record your masterpiece so it can be heard!

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Vocal Recording

Whether you're a solo act, or simply need to overdub your initial tracking session, we can provide you with a big, clean vocal recording.

Full Band Tracking

Establishing a high-energy full band recording can give your project a live feel that excites your audience and stands out among other songs.


Whether for a documentary, ebook, or radio spot, capture your message so that it is clear, crisp and natural. Get your message heard above the rest!


Create a world of sound that matches your films specific story. A unique and seamless audio experience is crucial for a film to reach its max potential.